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Leadership is a year long class comprised of the Student Council Executive Board, Senior Class Officers, and selected senior students. The purpose of the class is to work together to coordinate and execute all school activities, to represent MHS as school-wide and community leaders, and to serve as student advisers to the school administration. These students will learn and practice various aspects of leadership skills both through class assignments, committee work, and whole group projects. Such skills include but are not limited to: team building, positive and effective communication, goal setting, project planning, managerial skills, and responsible citizenship.

Other Members: Tristan Adams, Janellys Matos-Alonso, Kiana Carpenter, Brooke Dees, Chyna Jackson, Brandon Lawton, Trey Longacre, Nick Mahan, Jasmine Martin, Kevin Murray, Annavita Pantoja, Kimberly Ritter, Kourtney Smith, Sophia Smith, Ihyanla Taylor, Kevanna Thompson, JR Winningham 

Leadership Sponsor: Kristen Keplinger 

Major Activities: Freshman Orientation, Homecoming Assembly and Dance, Howdy Back MAC, Spirit Assembly, Pep Rallies, Prom, Senior Farewell, Spirit Week, Mr MHS, Blood Drive