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Quote from Coach Rodney Delong,

I believe that if we want our players to perform at a high level, than we must give them high level instruction. There can't just be expectation that a player can perform to your standards. That young player has to be developed and that process takes time. All of my staff has the ability to specialize in their areas of expertise. We will mold that kid, train him to play at high levels, and give him the necessary work ethic that will make him and our program successful. When our players leave here, many of them will be ready to play at the college level. As a spectator, you will notice certain things right away. Our players will be disciplined, well behaved, and very respectful, and always hustling to get somewhere on every pitch. They will play with enthusiasm and energy every time you see them sprint on and off the field. We will approach every game in a business like manner. My expectation is that my players are a direct reflection of myself and my coaching staff. I believe my kids will always play hard and they will never give up. Go Highlanders!