FFA Colt Conference

Lawton, OK: Lawton FFA chapter officers participated in the 2023 Oklahoma FFA Chapter Officer Leadership Training Conference on Sept. 19 at the Great Plains Technology Center in Lawton.

The eight state FFA officers planned and conducted this year's conference, which was based on the theme "Empower." Elected officers from each of the 65 high school FFA chapters in the Southwest area attended the conference. The event aims to encourage students to know their role, identify their strengths, and carry their weight as chapter FFA officers.

Kelly Barnes, from Edmond, served as the keynote speaker for the conference. Barnes is an accomplished professional speaker and leadership coach who served as the state FFA president in 2003-2004.

"In today's society, individuals are presented with a multitude of opportunities to lead," said Caleb Horne, state FFA president. "However, we often lose confidence in ourselves to step up and take action. This year's COLT Conference theme, 'Empower,' aims to equip students with the confidence they need to be leaders in their local communities and FFA chapters. We all have special gifts and talents. As future leaders, it is imperative that we empower our youth to make the most of every leadership opportunity they are given so that they, in turn, can empower others to do the same.”

Officers attending from the Lawton FFA chapter were Cora Sullivan, Haley Jones, Abilene Sullivan, Laret Donnel, Ianna Crawford, and James Gibson. 

Advisors attending from the Lawton FFA chapter were Heaven Kern, Cody Pearce, Emily Wilkinson, and Sharon Stuckey.

The event was sponsored by Public Service Company.